If you’re experiencing nutrient deficiencies due to stress, illness, or other factors, then IV therapy may be a good choice for you. This treatment introduces nutrients directly into the bloodstream, restoring energy and vitality to the body.

Also known as a “drip,” IV therapy consists of an infusion of fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into a vein through an IV. These can help you replenish lost nutrients, boost your immune system, improve your concentration and memory, and boost your overall energy levels.

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IV Nutrients vs. Oral Nutrients

Oral administration is another common way of introducing nutrients to the body, such as over-the-counter vitamin tablets. This method, though simpler than an IV, is less effective because these nutrients must pass through the digestive system first. There are many steps along the way that may lead to your body diluting or neutralizing these nutrients. Plus, your stomach and intestines can only tolerate a certain amount of vitamins and minerals at once, so that any excess amount in your dosage is wasted.

In contrast, IV therapy introduces nutrients directly into the bloodstream where they can begin to do their work immediately. Conditions that can be improved with IV therapy include colds and flus, migraines and tension headaches, general fatigue, anxiety and depression, intestinal disorders, and more.

How IV Therapy Works

First, we will need to run a check on your body’s nutrient levels to determine if IV therapy would be appropriate, and if so, which nutrients need to be supplemented. Once a unique mixture is prepared, it is administered in 15-90 minute sessions at least once a week. These sessions can be very relaxing for patients, as there is nothing you need to do but recline in a chair. You can even bring a book or listen to music.

Schedule a consultation and we’ll discuss whether you’re a good candidate for IV therapy.


So I’ve been on hormone therapy for a few years and but hated having to constantly inject myself every 2 weeks and the hormone fluctuations were rough sometimes. I decided to look around from pellet therapy and found Dr. Mack provided what I was looking for. When I finally got a chance to meet her, she was so sweet and really attentive, not only that, she noticed my hypothyroidism from my blood test (something I totally forgot to ask her about when I was there!)

Melody O.

I started my journey to better health in January of 2015. Since then I’ve lost 60 pounds and feel great. As well, I’ve started working with their functional medicine doctor, Dr. Mack. She is compassionate, kind and oh so knowledgeable. Every step of the way I’ve been monitored physically and nutritionally… I cannot express it enough that if you are looking for a journey to better health this is definitely the place you should start!

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