Many people suffer from hormones that are either too high or too low. They are natural chemicals which regulate many of the body’s processes and are produced by the endocrine glands: the adrenals, thyroid and parathyroid glands, the pituitary hypothalamus, and the pancreatic islets.

The causes of hormones not being in the optimal balance in women can include both puberty (which can result in premenstrual syndrome’s headaches and mood swings) and simply growing older (since the body gradually produces fewer hormones associated with youthful appearance and functioning). Symptoms of imbalance can include hot flashes, irregular periods, infertility, unexplained weight gain, osteoporosis, low sex drive, severe acne, thinning hair or increased hair growth on the face, neck, chest, or back.

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This can also occur for both genders as a side effect of medications, stress, diabetes, inadequate nutrition, obesity, cysts, cancer, genetics, exposure to chemicals, infections, anorexia, allergies, and other factors.

Men with reduced or excessive hormones may experience impotence, low sperm count, irritability, fatigue, reduced body hair, overdevelopment of breast tissue, and loss of muscle mass.

Synthetic hormone therapy has had serious side effects for many patients, including cancer, dementia, blood clots, and strokes, according to a study in the January 2009 Postgraduate Medical Journal. These drugs continue to be marketed because they can be patented by pharmaceutical companies, which have legal protection because they warn patients. These consequences are due to the chemicals not being good matches for an individual’s own natural hormones.

Bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, cannot be patented because each patient receives a customized prescription that exactly mimics her or his unique hormones, the ideal formula that will meet her or his needs that is prepared by a compounding pharmacy. These have been shown to actually decrease heart disease and breast cancer, according to a study published in 2005 in the International Journal of Cancer. A 2012 study in the Contemporary OB/GYN Journal provided evidence that patients who received bioidentical therapy (as opposed to conventional treatments) were more likely to have a reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Barbara Mack, M.D. is a certified provider of BioTE Medical’s method of BHRT. Each personalized treatment program for optimized hormonal balance relieves the symptoms of the patient’s hormone imbalance and enables a much-improved quality of life. After the initial consultation, comprehensive testing and lab work is ordered. The results will be reviewed on the next visit and if the patient agrees to move forward, the first BHRT pellet can be painlessly inserted to turn back the clock on aging and begin an exciting renewal of life.


So I’ve been on hormone therapy for a few years and but hated having to constantly inject myself every 2 weeks and the hormone fluctuations were rough sometimes. I decided to look around from pellet therapy and found Dr. Mack provided what I was looking for. When I finally got a chance to meet her, she was so sweet and really attentive, not only that, she noticed my hypothyroidism from my blood test (something I totally forgot to ask her about when I was there!)

Melody O.

I started my journey to better health in January of 2015. Since then I’ve lost 60 pounds and feel great. As well, I’ve started working with their functional medicine doctor, Dr. Mack. She is compassionate, kind and oh so knowledgeable. Every step of the way I’ve been monitored physically and nutritionally… I cannot express it enough that if you are looking for a journey to better health this is definitely the place you should start!

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