How RF Microneedling with INTRAcel Can Benefit You

Are you looking for a way to give your skin a young, healthy glow? Sometimes, lotions and creams just won’t do the trick, and they don’t affect wrinkles and scars. Fortunately, there is a cutting-edge treatment solution that not only enhances your skin quality, but also smooths wrinkles and reduces scar tissue.

That solution is RF microneedling with INTRAcel. This revolutionary approach combines two different techniques: RF energy and microneedling. Combined, they can leave you with firmer, smoother skin free of blemishes and wrinkles.


RF (radiofrequency) energy is used in many modern skin treatments. This type of energy, part of the EM spectrum along with visible light, is emitted by a handpiece that your physician runs over the targeted area. It passes right through the upper layers of your skin and heats the lower layers. This encourages the production of collagen, the protein that gives skin its firmness and elasticity. Our levels of collagen tend to drop as we age, which results in deeper wrinkles and sagging skin. However, when stimulated, our skin can still produce it, with a noticeable improvement in skin quality.

Microneedling is a different, and increasingly popular, treatment method. In this technique, thousands of tiny needles pierce the skin, creating countless tiny openings that need to be filled. In response, the skin’s natural healing mechanisms activate, sealing those tiny gaps and increasing collagen production. INTRAcel’s secret is using both techniques, microneedling and RF energy, in tandem for even better results than either can achieve alone.


RF microneedling can reduce the appearance of many skin blemishes, including:

  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Hypo- or hyperpigmentation
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

It can even remove tattoos, in addition to leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

The procedure does not require any significant downtime and is non-invasive. Topical numbing cream is applied before the procedure. RF microneedling is most effective when applied in multiple sessions, spread about a month apart. The number of sessions depends on the results you want to achieve. After just one treatment, results are visible, but they become even stronger with each additional treatment. For approximately four to six months after treatment, your skin will continue to improve, and you’ll notice increasing elasticity and smaller pores.

Schedule an appointment with True Potential MD to learn more about RF microneedling and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


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Melody O.

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